Someone gave me shit recently for speaking my mind. I suppose maybe they took what I was saying personally.

Here’s something I know for sure: if someone says something about you (to you or to anyone else), it doesn’t really say anything about you – it’s actually about what is going on with them.

Here’s something else I know for sure: I will never stop sharing my truth.

I’m not sorry about my opinions, and I’m not sorry for using my voice.

If you don’t like what I say, that’s totally ok; everyone is different! But don’t think for one second that you can demand me to be quiet.

I will never intentionally try to hurt someone – including me. I cannot be a version of me that betrays myself while trying to please others.

And you shouldn’t be either. Love yourself, live out loud, and let your unique light shine.

If people can’t handle your brightness, instead of asking you to dim, they can go out and buy sunglasses.




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