I think I’ve shared this with you before but maybe not… In university, my friend and I always said “Patience is a virtue.” (Neither one of us – at that time – being particularly patient people.)

I have developed more patience over the years. Big life events happened which made me realize I can’t control most situations no matter how much I want to sometimes.

I’ve learned that everything happens as it’s supposed to and in the right timing anyway.

img_6396Take nature for example… I noticed earlier this year that throughout the summer various kinds of flowers pop up in the ditches here in Nova Scotia. In June, we see Lupins. A bit later, there will be Queen Anne’s Lace and the orange Daylily. Right now, it’s little purple Asters. (To name a few of the types we see here.)

It’s not the variety of flowers that amazes me (although I do love seeing the different colours). What I find so intriguing is that they just appear out of nowhere – when it’s their time to do so!

No stress.

No struggle.

No thinking: “Here I am a seed stuck in the ground where no one sees me. I want to be a flower – in bloom and admired by people and animals passing by.”

Whenever you find yourself not being exactly where you want to be in life, remember it might not be the right time.

Practice patience.

(If you aren’t sure how to do that, this article might help.)

There’s no need to worry; The Universe has got your back! (Besides, worrying is like praying for what you don’t want!)

To be clear…I’m not talking about doing absolutely nothing all of the time. There will be situations where you need to take INSPIRED ACTION. For example, if you want a certain job, you are going to have to put a resume together and apply. But if you don’t get that job, don’t stress! It’s not the right time – or something even better is on the way to you!

So… Relax, have a little fun, and just let everything unfold. It’s going to anyway, so you may as well enjoy the process!








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