“Drench yourself in words unspoken. Live your life with arms wide open. Today is where your book begins. The rest is still unwritten.” –Unwritten (Natasha Bedingfield)

A year and a bit ago, I was living in Millet, Alberta, Canada. I was single, working as a life coach, travelling, doing lots of things I loved with people I enjoyed being around, and yet, I still felt like something was missing. I’d had this feeling for a while that it was time for me to move, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go. Costa Rica (or another foreign country where there’s no snow!) was on my mind. Nova Scotia (where I was born and raised) was also a possibility. I’d been gone for 16 years, so maybe it was time to move back? (I had just sold my place in AB at the end of May and was going home to NS for vacation in June.) The two weeks flew by, and I decided to stay for the summer – living out of a suitcase! By the end of August, I knew I wanted to move back, so I went to AB to get my stuff from storage and drove across the country (by myself!) to begin the next chapter of my life.

So, what has happened since I’ve been living back here? Lots! I rented an apartment in Halifax – hoping eventually to buy a house, but again not totally sure where I wanted to live in NS. I said goodbye to my 30’s. Yup, I turned the big 4-0, and it’s as fabulous as everyone says it is! I met a really great guy! Things are not always ‘perfect’, but we let each other be our own person, and for me that’s very important. Plus he supports my desire to do this type of work (life coaching/serving others/making the world a better place), and that means more to me than I can really express.  I became a step-Mom. It’s crazy when I think about it – going from no kids of my own to dating a guy who has 3!  In June of this year, we moved in together – in our dream house which we bought together! It’s on the water with 7 acres of land, tons of trees, a greenhouse and garden, and its own cottage! I’ve continued to travel – even taking a spontaneous trip to Iceland. I’ve also been able to spend more time with my family which makes me very happy. And I am attracting more of my ideal clients who make my work so enjoyable and fulfilling.

“The future is as bright as your faith.” ~Thomas S. Monson~

d896bd752c72cd8ac1a29aea7af048cdWhy am I telling you all of this? It’s certainly not to gloat. IT’S BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TOO!!! Your dream may not look like my dream, but whatever it is that you desire is yours to allow in. You see – that’s the trick… you create in your mind’s eye an idea of what you want and then you need to remove any blocks (usually thoughts about what is or isn’t possible) that prevent you from having it. The easiest way I’ve found to do that is by keeping a positive attitude as much as possible, getting coached on my limiting beliefs, focusing on the blessings I already have (i.e. practicing gratitude), and not getting caught up in the details of when or how things are going to happen. Know that whatever is meant for you will come when the time is right.

I’m not what I would call a religious person (in the church sense), although I do believe in a higher power. I do believe that we come here as souls to learn lessons and work on the greater consciousness of humanity. I believe we are meant to make decisions and live our lives from a place of love and not from a fear/lack/scarcity mindset. I also believe that we are meant to be happy, healthy, and abundant in all areas of our life, so I do my best to listen to what my heart truly desires. When I trust in and follow my intuition, it never steers me wrong. What might YOUR life look like if you took a leap of faith and trusted that The Universe is fully supporting you? Because it is. It always is.

“Stop acting so small. You are The Universe in ecstatic motion.” ~Rumi~

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