Do you feel like there’s something you are meant to do, but you’re just not quite sure what it is or how to make it happen?


Do these sound familiar?

-Change is scary.

-I can’t have/say/do/feel what I want.

-I feel like I am merely existing, not really living.

-There’s not enough time.

-I don’t know how to be happy.

-Nothing I ever do is good enough.

ID-10098165What if

– change actually created the life you desire?

– you could have more than it’s even possible for you to imagine?

– you were living life to the fullest every day?

– you have exactly the right amount of time?

– happiness flowed in and all around you?

– whoever you are and whatever you do is always good enough?

How would your life be different?

My hunch is that you’d feel:

*free  *abundant  *happy  *empowered  *authentic  *alive

All of this is totally possible, and I’m here to help!

Introducing the ‘Live Wide Open’ program!

(12 weeks of getting to know you, your Divine desires and how to fulfill them!)

It is time to answer your soul’s calling. 

Because knowing who you are, what you want, and using your gifts to serve the world is your soul’s purpose.

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.” –Bob Moawad

I know it’s scary, but let me tell you what’s scarier…trying to answer this question: What if I never do this? (i.e. have a fulfilling job, meet a loving partner, travel, feel happy and at peace – whatever it is you want for your life)

If not settling by living life your way sounds a little daunting AND appealing, then the Live Wide Open program is for you! This program is designed to set you on the right track to creating the meaningful life you desire. There will be teaching, brainstorming, soul searching, insight, support, connection, action steps, accountability – and fun of course!

Upon completing the “Live Wide Open” program, you will:

  • be able to answer the questions: Who am I?, What do I desire? and How can I make that happen?
  • find it easier to be yourself and do what you want
  • begin to forgive, accept and love yourself (and others)
  • learn to recognize your unique gifts to the world
  • feel more confident in yourself and your talents
  • know what it means to live from a place of service
  • have an increased trust in your ability to make decisions
  • be more in tune with what fulfills you and makes you happy
  • let go of the need to control and have faith in “a bigger plan”

The ‘Live Wide Open’ program will help you connect with and embrace that quiet voice inside of you that keeps telling you there is something more, something soulful you are meant to be doing in the world. It will free you to be more of who you are meant to be and guide you to live the life that’s inside you waiting to be expressed.

Eager to get started? Perfect! Here are the details:

Start date: Next class date TBD

How we meet: Live classes will be held on Zoom. One on one coaching calls take place via Zoom or phone.

Investment:  The program costs $1599.00. Payment can be made via etransfer to if you live in Canada. Otherwise, click the link below to pay via Paypal. (Payment plan available if needed!)

What’s included:

-a private Facebook group where we can connect to share ahas, struggles, wins and get support
-weekly course modules, worksheets, homework, call recordings
-twelve live Zoom group calls (60-90 mins) with time for Q&A
-three one on one coaching calls (one for each section of the course) plus email support                                                                                    -small class size (max 20 people) so that you aren’t lost in the shuffle 


Here is an outline of the program (to give you an idea of where we are headed):

Part 1: Who am I?

Week 1: Clearing the mud off your windshield. (Remembering who you are.)

Week 2: Your mind might be playing tricks on you. (How your intuition speaks.)

Week 3: The only choices you have are between love and fear. (Living life on planet Earth.)

Week 4: Let’s talk about what sucks. (Knowing what doesn’t work.)

Part 2: What do I desire?

Week 5: Ideal life. (What do you really, really want?)

Week 6: Playful passion. (Getting back on track.)

Week 7: Creating courage. (Finding your why and facing your fears.)

Week 8: Speak up! (Now is the time!)

Part 3: How can I make that happen?!

Week 9: Abundance is your birthright. (Believe that you deserve it!)

Week 10: Signs, signs. (Watch for messages from The Universe.)

Week 11: Keeping the faith. (Trusting there is a bigger picture.)

Week 12:  Leap! (You are ready to take action!)

Are you ready to live wide open? 

Comments from previous Live Wide Open Program participants:

“Just do it! If you are ready to make some positive changes in your life, Tasha will be there every step of the way! Best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time! Thank you Tasha.”

“Great coach who provides a wide range of insights. Some weeks I’d be hitting deep to my younger self and welcoming the emotions I did not know still were inside. Looked forward to our chats and being on the other side of the world, we connected. Highly recommend Tasha and her wealth of knowledge. All the best!”

“I like the idea of opening things up and looking inside the box of how I am living and expanding from there. The results for me were to have taken a close look at how I show up as me in this world, and seeing what holds me back from being real at work, in my choices, in my relationships. I love that I ask myself questions like ‘What is my why?’ or ‘ Whose business am I in?’. These are practicals. I would say take it (this program) as enrichment—and foundation—for living well. Too bad we don’t get this kind of education earlier in life.”


1) Why 12 weeks? While 3 months might feel like a huge commitment time wise, I ask that you trust the process. We will be looking at who you are and what you desire on a deeper level, and this does not happen overnight. Give yourself permission to go with the flow and soak in the experience. There is no where to get to and no need to rush.

2) Will the classes be recorded? Yes! Most people I know have very busy lives and a ton of activities scheduled already. By having the recordings, it eliminates the need for you to show up for ‘class’ at a specific time and date – you can listen whenever you’d like! However, in my experience, you get the most out of the class by being present during the live calls. The lessons I keep to about 30 mins – short and sweet but full of great info and no fluff! I’ve taken way too many online classes where half the time was spent on intros alone!  The rest of the time will be spent on discussion/questions.

2) What do you mean by homework? These may be short – totally optional – exercises that I give you to do on your own time. This is your program so do them if you want and not if you don’t. You will not be graded and cannot fail! If you do complete the homework and have questions, please email me! I’m here to help!

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