If you are like me, 2017 wasn’t all you had hoped it would be.

Sometimes, it was fabulous and sometimes, not so much. Some days in fact, it may have felt like you were being tossed around on the spin cycle of your washing machine.

But… it’s almost over! And we get a whole brand new, shiny, clean slate in 2018! We will have 365 new days to do it differently.

And that’s just it – we must do it differently!!! You cannot repeat the same patterns and expect new results. So, I want to share with you something I read from Tosha Silver today… she referred to it as a “great prayer for the end of the year (or end of any big cycle)”.

It is very simple: “Please bring me a miracle of completion.”

She describes it as “an offering to the Divine that anything the needs to occur karmically to round this cycle out, let it occur!”

If you are ready to leave 2017 (and its baggage) behind and to only take the lessons and blessings forward with you into 2018, this prayer is for you!

2018 brings new chapters and new chances; make the most of it!

The best is yet to come!



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