“Hear this voice from deep inside. It’s the call of your heart. Close your eyes and you will find passage out of the dark.” –Send Me An Angel (Scorpions)

I generally write one blog per month, and this month it feels like I’ve floated from one idea to another – writing bits and pieces of a handful of posts. I couldn’t settle on which one I really wanted to put out there, and I don’t like posting something just to post something – I need to feel it. Then something happened, and I KNEW this is what I HAD to tell you about!

A couple of days ago I came back into my office to get my coffee cup (to wash it), and saw an almost perfectly formed10660321_10154614878390641_2726390537819609276_n heart shape in the bottom. This was not created by me – or anyone else in my house. So, how did it get there you ask? Good question! When I initially saw the heart (after taking a double look!), I thought “That’s pretty cool!” and very clearly heard the message “The Universe loves and supports me.” An intuitive friend of mine said it was a reminder from my angels that I am abundantly loved.

“The Universe is always speaking to us…sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, look around, to believe in something else, something more.”   ~Nancy Thayer~

We all have guardian angels (spiritual beings) who are assigned to assist us while we live here on Earth. Very often we receive messages from our angels, but people tend to brush them off – if they even notice at all.  Why would the angels send us messages, and why would we want to receive them? The angels are always watching over us – trying to protect and guide us. They cannot interfere with what we are doing because as humans we always have free will to choose whatever we think is the right path for us. However, they can (and will) help us if we ask, which makes our journey here a little easier.

How do we ask for help from the angels? Well…you can verbally talk out loud to them about whatever is on your mind or you can simply ask them silently. Be very clear and ask for what you want. Always remember to say thank you, and then give them time to respond. Remember, there is a bigger plan in place for you than you may be aware of, and all things that are meant for you will come around when the timing is right. Sometimes, the answer may actually be no – that might be what is best for your highest self, even if you can’t see it in the moment. They will never do anything to hurt you. When the angels are present, it will always feel like love.

“Angels can turn darkness into light, help our dreams to come true, and our worries take flight, so pass them your burdens, give them your cares, they’re waiting to help you, just trust that they are there.” ~Mary Jac~

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