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What others are saying about me:

“I was amazed at how quickly I saw the results from only one session! Tasha provided a safe environment for me to explore areas of my life where I held limiting beliefs. Once I was able to acknowledge & release these untruths, it was as though a weight was lifted.  I felt empowered to make choices that propelled me forward, placing me in alignment with my authentic self. A great sense of peace occurred, as everything began to flow & become effortless! Thank you Tasha for holding the space to allow this shift to occur!” ~Melissa, Nova Scotia, Canada

“After decades of struggling with mental health ups and downs, dealing with psychiatrists, doctors, sociologists, psychologists, numerous pharmaceuticals, coaches, friends, well-wishers and more….I had amassed quite a story that I was telling myself.  In searching for peace I had bought into all of the information I was told.  “You have a disease” – my career was wrong that was it, well your parents’ divorce caused it, well it’s your genetics – see look at your family tree etc. etc. Then after witnessing some of the posts Tasha was making, I got a feel for where she was coming from, liked what I saw and asked for a coaching session.  So I walk in with all of my evidence and as I’ve become accustomed to lay it all out and say “here this is why I’m not well – now fix me”.  After a few sessions with Tasha I can sum up my experience as Tasha was the first one to look at me after all the evidence was laid out and just smile.  Basically the message I got from her was “Yup, you’re normal.  Isn’t it great!!”  She was the first to not buy into my story or feed it any more energy, yet in a kind way helping me to let it go.  She empowered me in a unique way.  Where most mental health professional’s kind of work like a textbook I found Tasha drew from many ways of thinking which I felt was more personable, unique and understanding.  After working with Tasha I am now more empowered and see the world differently with a kinder set of eyes.  We still keep in touch, and I am forever grateful because she was the catalyst for me breaking out of my cocoon.” ~Steve, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Tasha is a wonderful coach. She has shown me how to have confidence in myself and my decisions. I had been living in a very stuck place and with a combination of thoughtful listening and great questions she enabled me to look deeper into myself and the life I want to live. Tasha helped me to work through my blocks and move forward. She was relentless yet understanding in pushing me to discovering the real me. I am happy with the direction my life is moving, and always look forward to the next challenge.” ~Trudy, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Tasha is able to give so much without making anyone feel like they are taking from her. She is honest and compassionate without being hurtful. She is one of those people who when I have a problem or a dilemma, I think “what would Tasha do in this situation?” because then it gives me the opportunity to step outside of myself and look at the situation with clear eyes and tact. She isn’t afraid to experience new things or places, and is open-minded and free. She is an amazing life coach because she makes people feel comfortable and at ease.” ~Shawna, Alberta, Canada

“Tasha is so easy to talk to about anything that may be going on in my life, and she always asks the right question to make me think about my situation differently. I find myself questioning fears and doubts that I didn’t even know I had, finding solutions when I felt completely stuck, and being more creative in my business because of our work together. She is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to dream big and make it happen.” ~Sarah, Oregon, United States

“Tasha is my go-to coach when I’m spiraling in my own mind. She is unwavering in her ability to bring me back to a place where I can feel peace and take some action. I turn to Tasha when I have frustrations in my relationships, when I’m beating myself up or even if I’m stuck in inaction because of anxiety. She helps remind me that how I feel is a choice and that there is always an action I can take toward feeling better. Tasha’s work is like untangling the jumbled mess of knots in my head. Just when my mind has me believing I’m backed into a corner in my life, I’ll have a session with Tasha and once again I am free.” ~Jessica, Alberta, Canada

“The first thing I noticed about Tasha, and the thing that attracted me to use her as my Life Coach, was her openness and a complete willingness to share her own vulnerabilities – this made me more willing to share my vulnerabilities with her. She encouraged me to continuously question my assumptions, to not dwell on the negative but to focus on the positive. To be optimistic, not to judge, be open minded, think outside the box, and not to be limited by own experiences and self-limiting thoughts – anything and everything is on the table, hence ‘Life is Wide Open’!!” ~Paul, New York, United States

“When I contacted Tasha I was feeling very much at loose ends at a period of a lot of change in my life – new job, old job baggage, a wonderful relationship that I was a little (or maybe a lot) lost in, and I had recently stepped down from a leadership volunteer position. To sum it up I had the world in the palm of my hand and I didn’t know whether to hug it or pitch it! Coaching with Tasha helped me to be honest, first with myself and then with others and find a way to be comfortable (well maybe comfortably uncomfortable) with asserting myself, asking for what I want and being a better communicator personally and professionally. She has such a gentle way of encouraging me to arrange my emotions and think about things in a more productive way. Part of that is just being and I can’t tell you how many times I have used that to reset and center my thoughts in just the short time since we worked together. What I also have now is a sense that no matter what comes next, I am a good person, with good intentions, grounded in positive and loving thoughts. I realize there is no need for me to have the need to be perfect, just perfectly me. I questioned whether I could afford to invest in such a “luxury” on myself, but now I know I could not afford NOT to!” ~Lisa, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Tasha’s guidance and encouragement to look deeper within myself was the eye opener I had been looking for. I used to judge my life based on what I felt was ‘the norm’. Tasha helped me realize ‘the norm’ for everyone else, was just not compatible with my beliefs and the life I wanted to have, and that was OK. Since my sessions with Tasha, I quit the job I felt trapped in, moved away from the life I felt I had to stay in, and started following the desires of my heart. It’s usually a scary thing when you have to really look at yourself in the mirror, but thankfully Tasha had my back.” ~BJ, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Tasha inspires people as a life coach. She lives with intention, she laughs with abandon, and she enjoys life – with gusto! She is an adventurer, travelling to more places this year alone than many travel in their entire lives. Tasha “lives it to give it”. She helps people see that the limitations in their lives are self-imposed and thus she inspires POSSIBILITY! She is sincere, optimistic and has the skills to help you live and love more deeply than you ever thought you could. Hire her today and throw off the bowlines.” ~ Ginny, North Carolina, United States

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