“I regret ever meeting you.”

I looked at the text message on my phone and thought ‘Are you fucking kidding me?!’ I couldn’t believe a year and a half later I was even receiving this – never mind the fact that (in my humble opinion) I had been a great girlfriend.

My next thought was ‘Trust me – the feeling is mutual!’

I was mad, bewildered, and amused all at once.

After a little reflection, I knew I had to dig a bit deeper for a lesson or the good I had learned from the relationship. (Being stuck in regret doesn’t bring about a sense of bliss.)

And it came to me…all the things I learned from previous relationships that will help create a better relationship the next time around. Now:

I have faith in The Universe’s Divine wisdom and timing.

I pay attention to the red flags.

I speak up for myself about what does/doesn’t work for me.

I set boundaries.

I’m not afraid of being rejected for who I am (or who I’m not willing to be).

I do not shrink my personality to make someone else feel comfortable.

I also do not attempt to expand my personality to impress someone.

And, most importantly, I love myself through it all.

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