Thoughts are things – very big things. They can make you- or break you.

If you believe you can do something, you are likely to achieve it. Likewise, the opposite is true. (If you believe you can’t, you won’t.)

A lack of belief in yourself or your ability or in what you are capable of having can create your reality.

These beliefs might sound like: “It’s not possible to have a job I love AND make great money.”, “There are no good men (or women) left. I’ll never have the kind of romantic relationship I want.”, “It costs a lot of money to eat healthy.”, “I can’t afford to go on a big vacation.”

This is the lack mindset, and these thoughts carry a very low vibration (energetically).

We do not attract the good stuff when we are in a low vibrational state. This means we don’t attract what we want – we attract what we are (which is often what we actually don’t want).

So, see if you can bend those beliefs just a little… “It IS possible to have a job I love AND make great money.”, “There are good men (and women) everywhere. I am looking forward to meeting them.”, “It costs a lot of money to be sick.”, “I can start saving for a big vacation.”

There, don’t those thoughts FEEL better?!

Now, look for examples (or proof) of how these better feeling are really true (i.e. people you know of who have been successful in these areas or small ways to move toward your goals). (The brain can focus on the negative or the positive, so you may as well use your imagination for good!)

If you want more love, money, health, time off, etc., start by doing anything that brings you joy! Feeling joyful helps you to stay more positive even during tough times, and an optimistic outlook creates a high vibration in your energy. From this place, you can manifest what you desire with ease!

Live as if what you want is in the process of coming. And so it is!



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